Truvani Vitamin D3 from Organic Lichens 30 tab


Truvani’s Organic Vitamin D3 is plant-based.

While other supplements source D3 from chemically extracted wool fat.

We source our D3 from lichens. An adorable little plant that loves soaking up the sun. And because our D3 is powder-based, there’s no gelatin capsule involved.

You’ll love that our vitamin D3 is a convenient little uncoated tablet. It’s small and easy to swallow. And it’s quick to crush or dissolve—which means you can add it to just about anything.

But, don’t worry. Unlike other supplements that taste terrible (and sometimes go rancid). Our vitamin D3 has no distinct taste. Making it the perfect addition to your smoothie, morning tea… or anything you’d like.

You’ll probably notice something else. It has no artificial ingredients, no corn byproducts—and definitely no processed wool fat.