Truvani Magnesium from the Dead Sea


Try our Magnesium Tablets sourced from the depths of the Dead Sea that offer superior quality magnesium with significantly low levels of heavy metals.

  • 100% NATURAL: Our Magnesium Supplement Is Sourced From The Mineral Rich Dead Sea And Then It Is Minimally Processed To Ensure That You Receive A Natural Unaltered Magnesium Rich Tablet.
  • SLEEP AID: Magnesium Is Shown To Support A Good Nights Sleep By Leaving You Feeling Calmed And Relaxed Before Bed. This Ensures That You Aren't Lying In Bed In You Own Thoughts Allowing You To Wake Up Feeling Recharged And Ready To Tackle The Day. 
  • IMPROVED DIGESTION: The Dead Sea Magnesium Is Actually In The Form Of Magnesium Oxide Which Aside From Giving You Your Rda Of Magnesium But It Actually Encourages Digestion Within The Body.