Truvani Immune Support with 8 Organic Botanicals 90tab


Try our Immune Support Tablets made from 8 different berries and herbs known for their potent anti-inflammatory properties and immune health support.


  • Amla Berry

    …or Indian gooseberry, a tart fruit sacred in Buddhist and Hindu cultures in India. This little berry has a potent concentration of vitamin C and an impressive antioxidant profile. It supports the brain, liver, immune system, and heart.

  • Elderberry

    A dark purple berry found in the warmer areas of North America, Europe, Asia and Northern Africa with a long history of use throughout the world. It’s unique flavonoid and antioxidant activity, and mineral profiles give it a long-standing reputation as an immune health supporter.

  • Astragalus Root

    An herb from the legume family native to China and Mongolia that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It contains Astragalosides (antioxidant activity), which support respiratory health. + In addition, its polysaccharides are known for their immune supporting properties.

  • Ginger Root

    Rhizome of a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia widely cultivated around the world for centuries to use in tonics and elixirs. Ginger is renowned around the world for its distinct aromatic, flavoring, and beneficial properties. Ginger contains potent beneficial compounds called gingerols, and provides gastrointestinal support.

  • Echinacea

    A flowering plant native to North America used by indigenous people in various teas and topicals. Its roots have alkylamides, which support healthy immune responses and respiratory tract health.

  • Garlic

    A perennial plant of the amaryllis family native to Central Asia and northeast Iran and one of the world’s oldest cultivated crops. It has certain sulfur compounds that can support immune and heart health.

  • Licorice Root

    A perennial legume native to the Middle East and parts of Asia and India used for centuries by herbalists and in traditional medicine. It contains many bioactive compounds that may help soothe the throat and stomach, as well as support immune health.

  • Oregano

    A popular herb native to Mediterranean areas and Southeast Europe and used by ancient Greeks for its beneficial properties. Its two most powerful components, rosmarinic acid and thymol, support a positive response to oxidative stress and can support immune health.