Lavido  Intimately Yours Wash 250 ml

Lavido Intimately Yours Wash 250 ml

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FILL WEIGHT: 250 ml / 8.45 oz.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Tea Tree, Lavender
Gently cleanses external intimate skin. Supports vaginal pH and a healthy microbiome. Naturally deodorizes.

A naturally-derived intimate wash that imparts the antibacterial properties of Tea Tree and Lavender Oils without compromising the healthy pH of the vaginal area. Developed with a prebiotic to support a healthy microbiome, and Geranium Oil to help with hormonal balance, this gentle wash may be used daily. Recommended for women and young girls, it may be used as a therapeutic preventative wash to help combat Candida, inflammation and unpleasant smells. The soap has a unique gel texture, so requires only a small quantity for use.