Gaia Agile Mind 60 caps

  • Adaptogenic support to help your mind stay sharp*
  • Contains a synergistic blend of Turmeric, Bacopa, and Ginkgo
  • A favorite for keeping the brain healthy, active, and nimble*
  • Brain Supplement: Supports healthy brain function to help maintain healthy memory recall*
  • Adaptogenic Herbs Support: Helps keep the brain healthy and the mind sharp, active, and nimble*
  • Premium Ingredients: Contains a synergistic blend of turmeric, bacopa, black pepper & ginkgo biloba
  • Purity-Tested: Our Agile Mind Brain Support is vegan, gluten-free & proudly made in NC, USA
  • Our Story: Since 1987, our purpose has been to connect people, plants, and planet to create healing