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Biocidin Broad Spectrum Liquid Formula 1 fl oz


If you’re looking for a supplement that could potentially work to support gastrointestinal health‚ you might want to try Bio-Botanical Research’s Biocidin® Advanced Formula Liquid.

First‚ Biocidin® Advanced Formula Liquid contains bilberry. Notably‚ the bilberry extract in this product has been standardized to provide 25 percent anthocyanosides; since anthocyanosides are plant pigments that may serve as antioxidants‚ this Bio-Botanical Research supplement could potentially work to protect your cells from free radical damage. Due to its gentle anti-inflammatory effect‚ bilberry may also help address certain symptoms associated with minor diarrhea.

Moreover‚ herbs like goldenseal and echinacea might work to stimulate white blood cell activity in your immune system. As a result‚ Biocidin® Advanced Formula Liquid may work to alleviate a minor sore throat as well as other signs of mild upper respiratory infections.

Last‚ Biocidin® Advanced Formula Liquid has a pleasant raspberry flavor.