Beekeeper's Naturals

Beekeepers Naturals B. Biome Complete Gut Health 60 caps

• PROPOLIS: Bee propolis is the hive's immune system and has been used for centuries by humans for immune and inflammation support. It also has potent prebiotic properties to support gut health.

• SPORE-BASED PROBIOTICS: These 2 research-backed strains are 99% spore-based, leading to better survivability and stability throughout the digestion process.

• COREBIOME- THE SUPERIOR BUTYRATE: Tributyrin’s unique chemical structure gives it high bioavailability (27%) in the colon, which is a key differentiator compared to standard sodium butyrate which does not reach the colon.

• COMPLETE SUPPORT: This unique combination of pre, pro, and postbiotics offers full gut health support in just 2 capsules per day.