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Amy Myers MD Candifense 120cap


Item Description


• A powerful blend of potent plant based enzymes; entirely free of herbal ingredients
• Formulated specifically to support microbe balance in the GI tract
• Not harmful to healthy probiotic flora
• Recommended daily serving size is four easy-to-swallow capsules
• Creates an inhospitable environment for yeast overgrowth in the gut

Safe, gentle, and effective, physician-formulated Candifense® is a broad-spectrum, biofilm-disrupting, comprehensive enzyme formula designed to create an inhospitable environment for Candida yeast overgrowth in the intestines and colon.

Candifense® is the perfect choice for anyone who:

• Is concerned about opportunistic yeast overgrowth, and wants to support a healthy gut microbiome
• Prefers a natural alternative to harsh prescription medications
• Has tried other formulas designed for microorganism balance in the GI tract without success
• Is concerned that Candida Albicans overgrowth or imbalance may be lending itself to leaky gut