Health & Wellness Consultation

Debbi Niggeman, MS, CNS, is the owner of Arrowroot. In addition to operating the business, creating  and developing the menu & serving local customers, Debbi also provides nutrition consultation services.  

Debbi received a MS Degree in Clinical & Integrative Nutrition and is now a licensed CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist).  Her education is coupled with her experience operating nutrition stores for over a decade.   She is also a certified cancer coach and works with women recently diagnosed or recovering from breast cancer.

You can work directly with Debbi to create an individualized supplement & nutrition program designed to help you achieve your health & wellness goals. Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to learn more!

"I am always amazed at the healing transformations that can occur simply by changing what is on the end of your fork."

- Debbi Niggeman, MS, CNS

"I am always amazed at the healing transformations that can occur simply by changing what's on your plate."

- Debbi Niggeman, MS, CNS

How it Works

1. Call Arrowroot

You can talk to any one of our trained specialists over the phone to discuss what will work best for you.

We will discuss your health needs and your goals, as well as any nutritional preferences you may have.

2. Schedule Your Appointment

Once you have had your initial phone call, you can schedule your appointment with Debbi, personally.

Debbi will assess your needs and the both of you will survey and select a plan using our wide range of supplements and health foods available through Arrowroot.

3. Achieving Your Goals

Once you have your plan in place, all that is left is to follow through and achieve your goals. Debbi will work with you to keep your discipline and focus up so you can ensure long-term success.

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